Local San Francisco Deck Featuring Ipe Decking

This San Francisco deck features an ipe deck, an ipe encased hot tub, garapa deck chairs and a cedar fence. The part that's unfinished? Well you see those 4 tall posts in the photos? Those are the main supports for an ipe pergola. Click the pictures to see a larger version.

San Francisco Deck

A nice overview photo of this ipe garden deck and backyard area.

You may also notice the wood looks wet, that's because the builder just rinsed it off.

Ipe Decking San Francisco

The wall are made from cedar and the deck boards are ipe. The amount of knots in the cedar, which was purchased from someone else, shows the clear difference in Premium Quality (which is all we sell) and FAS grade, also known as "Firsts and Seconds" grade, which we don't sell.

Ipe San Francisco

The forthcoming pergola will be supported by these ipe posts. It'll provide shade and even more privacy from the neighbors who's yard is elevated.

Private back yard San Francisco Deck

Those golden deck chairs are made from Garapa. Since Garapa is another tropical hardwood (that we also sell) those chairs will be fine left outside for decades without being treated in any way. That may sound amazing but that still isn't as long as the ipe deck will last without treatment.