San Francisco Decks

There are many famous decks, boardwalks, docks, piers, and bridges made of tropical hardwood decking. Ipe, the king of all deck materials, is almost always the preferred choice of decking material for these projects. There are many reasons to choose ipe decking for a municipal project, including:

  • Cost Savings
    • Initially Ipe Decking costs a little more than other deck boards, but since they can last over 75 years (versus 10 for pressure treated) this alone makes it an obvious choice.
  • Liability
    • Ipe decking is the strongest common wooden deck material one can purchase. This helps prevent splinters, falls, and lawsuits.

Here's some San Francisco deck projects, some famous and some private:

  • Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39
    • Both of these large marine structures use Ipe Decking.
    • If it can stand up to this . . .
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Ipe decking on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf
Private San Francisco Deck Paradise during construction:
  • An Ipe Deck, Garapa benches, and an excellent, private, outdoor retreat.
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Private back yard San Francisco Deck
California Ipe Deck:
  • A beautiful view deserves a beautiful deck. Short winding paths, 2 fire pits on the deck and a stunning vista!
  • Did you know that Ipe Decking is so dense, it's fire resistant?
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San Francisco ipe deck at sunset