Ipe Deck boards - SF Bay Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf and it's famous Pier 39 use ipe decking as theiripe decking inthe San Francisco fisherman's wharf project. deck boards of choice. It's no wonder! Those boards have to withstand the local climate of the SF Bay area, lots of tourists walking on it and of course, the famous sea lions crawling on and off of it using their teeth and the claws on the flippers. You need the sturdiest deck boards you can get for that. That's why they use ipe decking for the boards that make up their docks.

There's thousands of deck boards there. If they had used an inferior decking material, replacing deck boards would have been a labor and cost expense that would come up every few years. The fear of a tourist falling through a rotten board or someone's child getting a large splinter stuck in them, led them to do lots of research on what the right material for their dock surfaces would be.

The Fisherman's Wharf is a great case to use when proving the durability of this remarkable solid hardwood. If it can take the sea lions and still be so straight, unbroken and not warped, how well do you think it'll work on your project? Just look at the deck boards in that photo above. Still straight and true.

Whether you're a firm looking to spec your local city's boardwalk renovation, or a homeowner wanting to replace an older deck, contact us for a free ipe decking quote.