Can San Francisco Hardwood Decks be Eco-friendly?

Deck builders know when their clients ask for eco-friendly decking that there is one clear answer, hardwood. Seem counterintuitive? Only if you fall for the ads that push people toward composite or PVC decking. Unlike plastic decking that has been infused with chemicals like formaldehyde, or dioxin, real hardwood decking like Cumaru, Tigerwoood, Ipe & Garapa are 100% natural. Contact us today to inquire about our supply of eco-friendly hardwood decking.

During the past few years, countries like Brazil have cracked down on the illegal logging industry and given their government agency called IBAMA more enforcement power. With organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council®. The awareness of sustainably sourced hardwood decking material has risen due to the legitimacy of the supply.

There are some very practical reasons why you can label our products as "green" or "eco-friendly." We mill our hardwood decking to be 100% compliant with all trade laws (LACEY Act, etc). Additionally, the use of the forest for lumber based products is a key factor in the reduction of land use for agriculture and cattle ranching. These two industries account for more than 85% of deforestation due to slash and burn tactics employed by local farmers who can make more money with cows or soybeans instead of practicing managed forestry.

Ultimately, these forestry practices help to produce eco-friendly decking without causing great detriment to the greater population of trees and the forest as a whole.

Can I order FSC® Certified Wood Decking?

Yes you can! While all of our decking comes from mills that practice rigid enforcement of sustainable forestry laws, we do offer FSC® decking in a number of species. Call us to ask about our inventory and availability. It's worth noting that FSC® wood material, due to scarcity of supply, is usually more expensive.

San Francisco Eco friendly back projectWhether you choose FSC® material, or our standard sustainable decking, you can rest easy knowing that your new deck is natural and chemical free.

Contact us today to get a direct quote on eco-friendly hardwood decking.