Ipe Decking for San Francisco, CA

Ipe decking is, bar none, the most resilient and attractive material. We're so sure of this because that's what our customers in the SF Bay area tell us after they've installed this wonderful, all-natural hardwood deck material.

Ipe Decking San Francisco

Ipe Decking Benefits

When you compare all of the natural and artificial decking materials available, one thing will always be clear, ipe decking offers the most benefits over every other option. It has been tested in labs, and in the field for decades. Time and again, Ipe wood proves to be the most durable, the strongest, and the most resistant to things like rot, mold, mildew and insects.

Ipe Decks Have a High Return on Investment

People who build an Ipe deck save money a number of ways. First, the cost of ipe decking can run anywhere between 15-35% lower than recycled plastic decking materials. Second, when you consider that ipe deck boards last about 25 years longer than composites, the savings are even more dramatic.

A Deck, or Porch Made of Ipe Decking is Safer

Reading various decking reviews by actual homeowners and you'll find pictures and horror stories about how rapidly pressure treated and composite decking rots and decays. Other common complaints are delamination (peeling of deck surface), mold, and warped deck boards. This all leads to a deck that you spend your hard earned money on, but can't use due to decreased structural stability. Sadly, there are also reports of injuries due to crumbling decks built with composite decking. These incidents have led to a plethora of against composite decking lawsuits.

Our Ipe Decking Looks Great

Check out these two decks built in the San Francisco Bay Area to see just how gorgeous and welcoming an ipe deck can be:

Our Ipe Decking Looks Great

Ipe and the other hardwood decking we offer won't leech any chemicals into the environment. No PVC's. No formaldehyde. No dioxin. No toxic chemicals at all. In addition, Ipe and our other tropical hardwoods come from the intensely regulated, sustainable-forestry-practicing country of Brazil.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry is so strong we also carry FSC® certified decking for LEED certified building and any other green building requirements. Please, read more on our eco-friendly decking page.

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